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Good news for international employers seeking New Zealand work visas for their skilled workers; the New Zealand government has this week announced it’s seeking 75,000 skilled foreign workers in a bid to alleviate the pressures caused by nationwide labour shortages. For most of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the New Zealand government heavily restricted entry into the country to stave off widespread infection. As a result, the country now faces labour shortages that
Skilled workers New Zealand
New Zealand businesses have been feeling pressure since the pandemic’s beginning to source, hire and retain skilled workers. In a recent report released by the Auckland Business Chamber, 57% of New Zealand businesses are experiencing skills shortages, record-high wage growth, employment levels, and demand for goods and services. New Zealand economist Brad Olsen says businesses should expect to feel the effects of skills shortages for at least two years as the country experiences its lowest
Drug and alcohol testing in New Zealand
Drug and alcohol impairment are among the leading causes of workplace injury, fatalities and absenteeism. Like most western countries, New Zealand companies implement drug and alcohol testing at their workplace to ensure business run safely and productively. The employer must work collaboratively with their employees to prevent and mitigate the risk of drug and alcohol use in the workplace instead of focusing on reactive punishment. Are companies legally obligated to perform workplace drug and alcohol
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how to negotiate working from home with your employer
Working-from-home entitlements have historically only been afforded to senior-level executives and company top performers. Lower-level executives had rarely bothered to negotiate working from home with their employer. As the pandemic struck, businesses worldwide had no choice but to enforce working-from-home rules for every employee within the business.  Although lockdowns have ended, priorities of work-life balance have remained. More and more, skilled professionals are adding hybrid or fully-remote working entitlements as their pre-requisite for employment.  How
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Work from anywhere
The modern office; what’s ‘normal’ in 2022? Things were already evolving but the pandemic fast-tracked changes to the way we live and work, in particular when it comes to offices and business headquarters.  Being forced to stay home highlighted the fact that many people can now work from anywhere. Home offices and hybrid working are the new normal, and employers must embrace the change if they want to attract and retain the best people.  These
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