permanent or contractor New Zealand
In New Zealand, there are distinct differences between an employee and a contractor in terms of their legal status, rights, and responsibilities. It’s important to correctly classify individuals as either employees or contractors to ensure compliance with labour laws and taxation regulations. Here’s an overview of the key differences: Employee: Employment Relationship: An employee is someone who works under a contract of service, which establishes an employer-employee relationship. This relationship involves a degree of control
Remote HR NZ
The cost of hiring workers in a different jurisdiction can blow out, particularly if you’re not familiar will local employment law. It’s no different for global companies warning to hire in New Zealand, when unfamiliarity with local employment law can lull them into a false sense of security when it comes to hidden recruitment and employment costs.  What are the average salaries for skilled workers in New Zealand?  Particularly when New Zealand is currently experiencing
Payroll processing is a critical aspect of any organisation, but for international businesses that wish to expand into New Zealand without a legal entity, a whole new set of complications is introduced into the payroll mix.  In New Zealand, there are two primary options for payroll processing for international businesses employing in the country; EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization). There are valid use cases for both options, and whichever you pick
payroll budgeting
Payroll budgets help business owners understand the total cost of their employees and encompass all the indirect costs of employing staff full-time, such as leave entitlements, workers’ compensation and payroll tax. Having a concise payroll budget also highlights areas of potential cost savings.  There is much to consider when budgeting for salaries. But in 2023, there are seemingly more considerations than usual; a threatened recession, ever-increasing cost of living and rising inflation are all playing
New Zealand employee value proposition
Last month, we published an article about the current challenges many New Zealand businesses are facing in sourcing and hiring top talent. As the country experiences its lowest population growth in three decades, companies are staring down the barrel of widespread skills shortages, record-high wage growth and employment levels, and high demand for goods and services for years to come.  Labour shortages have plunged New Zealand into a candidate-driven market, giving job seekers the upper

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