About Us

NZPEO helps businesses manage their human resource, payroll and other administrative employment functions, taking on the risks and responsibilities associated with employment, on behalf of you, the client.

NZPEO is your solution to hiring and managing workers in New Zealand. We’ll become an extension of your own business.

Who we are

We provide you with essential local expertise and a one-on-one approach which will ensure your workers receive the individual consideration and attention they deserve.

We exist to ensure your organisation is able to achieve success through its people. Our centralised services, efficient onboarding process and flexible approach means you can focus on the day-to-day business that makes you a success, while we focus on the administrative functioning behind your people.

Efficient on-boarding

We’ll get your workers up and running in no time with your dedicated point of contact providing constant support and communication. Our team are on call and will efficiently deal with the expected and unexpected elements of the employment process.

De-risk your employment

You can focus on the core business which makes you a success while we ensure your people are employed in accordance with ever changing local laws and regulations.

PEO Stats*

* ‘PEOs: Good for Businesses and Their Employees’, NAPEO 2017


98% of business owners who are PEO clients would recommend a PEO to a small business colleague


66% of businesses report that their profitability has increased since becoming a PEO client


PEO client firms’ median revenue are 200% greater than non-PEO firms